Zaamin National Park

  • 03 June, 2015
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The territory consists of two sites: Zaamin State Reserve and Zaamin National Park, located in the northern slope of Turkistan mountain range and bordering upon each other. Zaamin State Reserve organized in 1960, located in Zaamin and Bakhmal regions on the area of 26840 hectares. Zaamin National Park organized in 1978, located in Zaamin region on the area of 24110 hectares. The reserve provides the preservation in the absolute inviolability condition of all natural properties and complexes, which located on its territory. The park was created aimed at preservation, rebuilding and recreational investigation of unique mountain-pines ecosystems. There are two marked zones in the park - recreation and buffer. The mountain-pines ecosystems, which stay 1760-3500 m. above sea level, are under the protection. More than 700 form of plants resented in the flora from them forest forming-zarafshan, hemi globe-shaped and Turkistan pines. Pine forests of represent area are the largest massifs in the region. There are many rare forms of animals (14) and plants (18), inscribed into the Red Book of the Republic of Uzbekistan.