Zaamin Mountains

  • 25 September, 2015
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Zaamin Mountains, UzbekistanNot far from Jizzak, southward from Zaamin there are north-western spurs of the Turkestan ridge, the major part of which is located in the territory of Tajikistan. However, the treed slopes of these picturesque mountains also spread out in the territory of Uzbekistan. There is one of the most popular in Uzbekistan therapeutic complexes “Zaamin”.

The climate and nature of these mountains considerably differ from those of Chatkal and Nurata mountains: thus coniferous forests stretch for hundreds of acres there, so the air is laden with wood resin. These places are known for Zaamin reserve, and the Uzbek-Tajik border passing quite close to it. In this regard, the opportunities for backpacking trips are limited. However, there, like in other regions of the country, you can get acquainted with the life of local residents, staying in one of the colorful guest houses. In addition, the piedmont Pishagar (Pshagar) is known for an interesting gorge with a cave, and the holy place - Khuzhai Serob-Ota.

Zaamin Mountains, Uzbekistan Zaamin Mountains, Uzbekistan Zaamin Mountains, Uzbekistan